Illustrated View of Installing Hub Plate and Hardware for Compact, Sport and Alpine Pro style.

Installation of steel hubs on two drive wheels takes only a few easy steps... just install the steel hubs once at the beginning of the winter season!

Everything is provided in the kit, to outfit two drive wheels.

Because you do not need to jack up the vehicle to add the steel hubs, it is very easy:


Step One

Exchange the lug nuts one at a time, with the ones provided in the kit or for some vehicles, there are fix clips provided that grip each of existing lug nuts, when tightened with the wrench provided.

Step Two

Use the card distance gauge and instructions provided with the kit to determine the correct spacing components, all of which are provided with the kit. Note: the card gauge only gives an estimate of the spacing components. Some "trial and error" work is sometimes needed to get the right spacing.

Step Three

Install the steel hub with bolts provided in the kit.

Step Four

There is a flat decorative cover you put on the black steel hub, with the wrench provided.


The convenient alternative to tire chains.

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