Great Chain Alternative

  • A great alternative to snow chains or studded tires. The only available winter traction device that works on vehicles with restricted wheel clearance.
  • They give peace of mind when driving in snow and ice.
  • Just once, at the beginning of the winter season, easily install a small hub on each of the two drive wheels. Installed on either wheel bolts or lug nuts with a fix clip for foreign manufactured vehicles. On many US manufactured vehicles, you use replacement lugnuts that have a hole drilled in the top and threaded to bolt the steel hub onto. You never have to jack up or raise the vehicle.
  • Carry the SPIKES-SPIDER® traction devices (in the storage bag furnished) in your trunk.
  • On those icy or snow days or approaching an icy road, SPIKES-SPIDER® can be fitted in 60 seconds total time! You can easily put the traction devices on in the dark or when the vehicle is stuck. Not a confusing jumble of chains.
  • You do not have to jack up your vehicle, just spread apart two of the SPIKES-SPIDER® traction arms for clearance at the base of your tire and quickly fit it on your tire. Fit the locking disk in place, turn until it clicks. Repeat on the other drive wheel and in 60 seconds total time you are on your way!
  • No part of the SPIKES-SPIDER® traction device touches or rubs a car wheel, so no damage to alloys.
  • No part of the SPIKES-SPIDER® is on the inside of the wheel or tire, so nothing can interfere with the steering, suspension or braking system.
  • Provides outstanding traction up to 30mph (46km/hr).
  • The "Sport" style and Alpine Pro goes on just as quick and easy.

Watch Videos which show a woman putting traction devices on vehicles.


The convenient alternative to tire chains.

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