1. SPIKES-SPIDER winter traction equipment is covered by a LIMITED 24-month warranty to the initial user beginning with the date of purchase.

2. This warranty covers defects in material and/or workmanship. The liability on defective merchandise is limited to repair or replacement of the defective items, at the Seller's option.

3. The basis for any warranty claim is compliance with the MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS and the DIRECTIONS FOR USE packed with each set.

4. NATURAL WEAR IS NOT COVERED BY THE WARRANTY. Damages or malfunctions resulting from improper handling or treatment, changes or modifications on the device, or using non-original SPIKES-SPIDER parts are not covered by this warranty.

5. The requirement for any warranty claim is the equipment to have been properly installed on the vehicle, the tires inflated to manufacturer's recommended pressure, and maximum speed limited to 30 MPH.

6. This warranty covers only the product itself. In no event shall any claims be made for any consequential or special damages or costs.

7. Warranty claims must be promptly reported to us in writing with the following points clearly noted:

a) Make, Model, and year of the vehicle
b) Tire size and type of tread (Mud & Snow, All Season, Performance or standard highway)
c) Description of road conditions when damage occurred (such as city street, paved highway, gravel road/driveway, deep snow, packed snow, ice intermittent ice and snow, primarily dry)
d) Description of general terrain (such as normal highway, mountain grade, or steep incline)
e) Driving speed when damage occurred (MPH)
f) Approximate mileage that SPIKES-SPIDER had been used
g) Copy of sales receipt or invoice showing date or purchase

8. To submit a claim, the complete SPIKES-SPIDER, including all components, must be sent to us freight prepaid. The warranty claim will not be settled until we receive the complete SPIKES-SPIDER including the information noted above. Our shipping address is:

P.O. BOX 813