What is "Spikes-Spider"?
Spikes-Spider is a full performance snow chain that is designed for vehicles with snow chain clearance problems. Spikes-Spider can be installed on the drive wheels in less than 30 seconds. No more dirty hands or soiled clothes.

Will Spikes-Spiders fit my vehicle?
A Spikes-Spider model is available to fit virtually 95% of passenger cars, sports cars, SUV's, minivans, vans, and pick-up trucks manufactured in the world. Spikes-Spider can provide traction for rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive vehicles. See Availability Guide.

Will I be able to install Spikes-Spider hardware package myself?
Yes. The video demonstrations on the homepage show the ease of installation. Each Spikes-Spider package contains detailed instructions. You can also call or e-mail our expert technicians who can answer your installation questions. See a pictorial description of installing the hardware on your drive wheel before going into the ice/snow areas.

How do I determine which model of Spikes-Spider will work best on my vehicle?
It is best to review the comparison of the models, which describes their advantages for different driving conditions. There may be only one choice, in some cases, because of tire size.

What materials are used in manufacturing Spikes-Spider models?
Spikes-Spider is manufactured in Switzerland using space-age technology. The models use wear-resistant, permanently elastic polymer materials, tungsten carbide-tipped studs and/or stainless steel chain links or steel bars for superior traction on ice and snow.

How fast can I drive with Spikes-Spider traction elements on the tires?
Spikes-Spider are rated for a maximum speed of 30mph. If conditions allow you to drive faster, it is easy to stop and remove traction elements.

My vehicle's instruction booklet says I cannot put chains on my vehicles tires due to limited clearance in the fender well. Will Spikes-Spider work?
Spikes-Spider is designed for vehicles that have chain clearance problems. Clearance problems usually occur along the inner sidewall of the tire. Spikes-Spider is designed to cover the outside 1/3 to 2/3 of the tire tread, so there is no part of the Spikes-Spider in contact with the inner sidewall of the tire.

Will Spikes-Spider work with ABS, limited slip differential, and or traction control?
Spikes-Spider is designed to work with ABS braking, limited slip differential, and traction control.

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